Interior Metal Stair Railings

Staircase railings come in all types of designs and materials. From simple metal rail designs to architectural wrought iron railings, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Choosing an Interior Stair Rail Design

Homes are built with designs from every era of time. For example, in Southern Indiana, the farmhouse style home is extremely popular. This style of home typically boasts a large front porch, exposed beams on the interior and a brick and stone exterior. These homes are rustic in nature. Choosing a handrail that would fit this home requires you to take all of these factors into consideration. What kind of rail would have been in this home in the era it was built?

This is the question that a homeowner must consider when choosing a rail design for their home. Whether you have a modern home style, contemporary, ranch or victorian, each home has its own personality that can be enhanced with a rail that matches the style of the home.

Quality and Durability Matter

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