What is Powder Coating

Powder coating is the process of electrically charging powder particles and grounding them to metal objects you are coating. Once the powder is grounded to the object it is then placed into a heated oven. The heat from the oven bakes on the powder and creates a coating that is more durable than paint.

Benefits of Powder Coating

A powder coated finish is meant to protect the surface from corrosions like rust. At Louisville Iron works, we choose powder coating for all of our handrails because of its superior durability over wet paints. Once a metal object has been powder coated and thermally cured, it can resist scratching, chipping and normal wear. Compared to wet paints, powder coating is superior in a few key areas.

  1. Powder coating can be applied in much thicker layers.
  2. Curing powder coat is done thermally, creating a stronger bond. While most paints are air cured.
  3. Powders are safe to store. Paints are flammable and hazardous.
  4. Powder resists wearing, scratching and chipping.

Quality and Durability Matter

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